lunes, 11 de febrero de 2008

How does project-based learning work?

Project-based learning, as with all lessons, requires much preparation and planning. It begins with an idea and an essential question. When you are designing the project and the essential question, that will launch the activities, it is important to remember that many content standards will be addressed. With these standards in mind, devise a plan that will integrate as many subjects as possible into the project.
Have in mind what materials and resources will be accessible to the students; Next, students will need assistance in managing their time –a definite life skill. Finally, have multiple means for assessing your students’ completion of the project; Did the students master the content? Were they able to apply their new knowledge and skills? Many educators involve their students in developing these rubrics.

--Patty Vreeland, kindergarten and first-grade teacher, Newsome Park
Elementary School, Newport News, Virginia

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