lunes, 11 de febrero de 2008

PBL Iin your classroom

Planning for a project must take into account what is possible in your classroom. The scope of a project will be affected by the bell schedule, the time of year, standardized testing, and the other myriad factors that impact your work. Perhaps the first question that usually arises is: do I have time to do this project? To answer that question, it is helpful not to think of PBL as taking time away from the regular curriculum. Instead, consider a standards-focused project as a central method of teaching and learning that replaces conventional instruction for the portion of your course. Standards-focussed projects teach students the same essential information you might teach them through lecture and discussion. PBL teachers also find that they do considerably less “busy work” activities in the classroom. And, though projects take time to plan, teachers have more time to work with students once a project is under way.


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